Kisii Town cleanup launch by Gov. James Ongwae


The Kisii County government has launched an integrated cleanup service for Kisii Town.


Governor James Ongwae launched the project which is aimed at creating sustainable livelihoods for the youth and women while helping address the garbage menace in the town. Organized youth and self help groups have been formally given a one year renewable contract to conduct cleanup in six zones within the town.


Last year, experts raised a red flag over solid waste management challenges in Kisii Town citing lack of a dumping site while the existing cemetery is filled up. “Kisii Town is a gateway to South Nyanza, Transmara and the larger Gusii region hence the need to ensure it is environment friendly. We appreciate the existing challenges in refuse management and towards this end, we have acquired a dumping site at Etora in Gucha and identified land for a cemetery and an additional dumpsite,” said Ongwae.


The youth groups contracted to clean the town have been supplied with Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), wheelbarrows, rakes and spades. Their contracts will be renewed depending on their peformance. “If successful, the program will be escalated to other urban areas in the county. These youth groups will from time to time conduct cleanups in other towns like Ogembo, Keumbu, Suneka and Nyamache,” he added.

Two rapid response teams have been created to handle drainage, waste disposal. “We have set up an enforcement team to ensure proper waste disposal. Residents and traders should be responsible for the waste they generate. Hospitals dumping their waste in the open will face prosecution,” warned the governor.

The Governor invited local stakeholders to unite with the county Government to make the environment clean in order to attract both local and foreign investors. Approximately 15- 20 tonnes of solid is generated in the town and its environs daily with the bulk of this coming from the Central Business District.

Ongwae announced that the county government was in the process purchasing two garbage compactors, 20 solid waste skips, two tractors and four lorries to ease waste management in the town. “We urge residents to be patient as we work towards organizing this town and position it as a commercial hub for the region.

We shall erect four high mast street lights to boost security in the town,” he added. ngwae said the programme will in two weeks address the open drainage problems within the town through repair of blocked sewers and designation of parking areas for boda boda operators and matatus.

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